Symbiotic ORM

Symbiotic ORM is a stable, small, fast and simple to use micro ORM. Just add some attributes and begin loading, saving, updating hierarchical objects. You can choose to implement simple interfaces for more features.

Code Examples
Code Generator tool (window x64) Version ; Supports Sql Server, Sqlite, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql

The code generator creates the poco classes from the database schema, adds needed attributes and any extended interfaces as requested. Supports c# or VB.NET.

Snapshot 1 of Code Generator tool
Snapshot 2 of Code Generator tool
x86 Nuget link
x64 Nuget link
Nuget link (Old name)
Symbiotic SDK
Symbiotic SDK
Symbiotic SDK
Symbiotic SDK
Example Schema Diagram
Example Object Diagram

Feature summary

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